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A Post on Drinks

The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude. – James Joyce


Not only is Friday debatably the best day of the week, its one of the best days to relax and make a few drinks! It can be hard to find the right drink at home, so I have provided a few tips and recommendations.



    Beer can be a difficult drink to get into.  Most people feel bloated or simply do not like the bitter taste.  The great thing about the current beer industry is that it has boomed over the past decade and there are more beer brands than ever! There is a multitude of flavors, and it is easy for anyone to find a beer that they can enjoy. Local stores  and breweries are the best places to get guidance, so don't be afraid to explore!

    For those who are discouraged to drink beer because of the bloated feeling you can get, watch this video to see why and how you can drink in comfort:


Scotch & Whiskey

  Scotch and whiskey seem to be one of those liquors that you either hate, or you love. It has the reputation as a "man's" drink, but it might be for more people than you think! Here are a few mixed whiskey drinks that are a pleasant surprise:

  • Crown & 7 - named after the brands, it is simply whiskey and 7 Up!...but ginger ale is also a good alternative
  • Old Fashioned - easy to make and classic says so in the title
  • Irish Coffee - it's 5 o'clock somewhere
  • Manhattan - for the more experienced drinkers

    For those who are interested in whiskey neat or on the rocks, it is something that I would encourage. The flavors are unique and diverse and are just completely different drinking experiences. Here are a few scotch and whiskey recommendations that are worth the price tag: 

  • Dewar's Scotch White Label
  • Eagle Rare (or other Buffalo Trace Distillery whiskies)
  • Elijah Craig
  • Four Roses

Here is a great video on drinking whiskey that you may like:



    Usually the last choice at a party, gin actually has a lot of health benefits!  Made from juniper berries it can have a unique set of flavors. It is hard to find someone who knows how to make a good gin cocktail, so I found one for you:

Fun fact: The gin and tonic was created and given to soldiers for medicinal use. It was used to prevent malaria, and the gin was added because the tonic was not pleasant to drink straight.



    Vodka may seem to be a poor reminder of college, but it has become quite the luxury product. Although that is a controversial statement, there are plenty of delicious cocktails to try:




    Whether you have a bar cart or a small portion of your top cupboard for drinks, it is important to have a few tools lying around. They allow you to make different drinks the right way, and a set can even class up your kitchen a bit! Here are some essential tools, although simple, that you might not have:

  • Muddler - very useful for mashing flavors into your favorite cocktails
  • Corkscrew  - a crucial tool for beer and wine that many surprisingly don't have
  • Shaker - good for many things, or simply looking cool
  • Double Jigger - better have an accurate measurement than guessing drink proportions

Here's a great video to get a visual of the types of tools you will need:


Find Your Drink

    When it comes to attending or hosting a gathering, it is always good to provide some entertainment.  Many people do not know how to make a special or signature drink, and it makes the party that much more fun!  Experiment with new types of drinks and perfect the preparation at home. You will be surprised how impressed people will be. It will take some time to be good at it, but what's the harm in a couple tries!


Remember: At the end of the day, drinking is just a thing that people do. Those who abuse it will eventually find an evil side to it, but for those who simply appreciate it will find the endless knowledge that can come from learning about it.

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